Paulas Choice Pc4men Kit

  • Paulas Choice Pc4men Kit
    Paulas Choice Pc4men Kit
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    PC4MEN is a comprehensive collection of skin care that is unlike any other men's line on the market. For the first time, men have a range of effective, simple to use products that work hard to get (and keep) a man's skin in top shape.Each PC4MEN product contains good-for-skin ingredients proven to be beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Unlike most men's products, PC4MEN is free of fragrances, artificial dyes, and irritating ingredients that can lead to redness, bumps, and dry, rough skin.Used together morning and evening, PC4MEN gives men's skin everything it needs—and nothing it doesn't.Kit Includes:PC4MEN Wash, 6oz This gentle yet hard-working gel cleanses your skin without making it tight or dry. It easily removes dirt and excess oil, and rinses clean.PC4MEN Shave, 6oz This innovative, ultra-soothing, and effective shave cream has a cushiony texture that protects skin and ensures a close shave.
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